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Join us February 12, 2016, For a Capitol Hill Briefing on American Families: The State of the Working Class

    • US Capitol

The AAPSS and the Annie E. Casey Foundation are pleased to be co-sponsoring a forum on family policy and child well-being featuring some of the nation's leading experts. This briefing will present evidence on what we know about the state of American families, marriage, and the extent to which policy has been promoting positive outcomes for children. Please join us for a stimulating and timely conversation moderated by Michael Gerson, with panelists Andrew Cherlin, Ron Haskins, Sara…

Celebrating 125 Years of the Academy

THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE was founded in Philadelphia on December 14, 1889. Twenty-two people, including members of the faculties of the University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College, and Bryn Mawr College, gathered on that Saturday morning to create an organization to promote the progress of the social sciences.They also sought to create a forum in which the widespread interest in contemporary political, economic, and social issues could find expression. The intellectual curiosity and the commitment to empirical…

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The Annals

Living in a High-Inequality Regime

    • January 2016 ANNALS

Special Editors: Alair MacLean and David B. Grusky


Economic inequality in America is significant and has increased astonishingly since the 1970s—these facts are well documented. Less understood, however, is whether rising inequality matters to how we live our everyday lives: Does rising inequality mean less opportunity for the broad sweep of Americans?  How (if at all) does it affect…

Intermarriage and Integration Revisited: International Experiences and Cross-Disciplinary Approaches

    • November ANNALS cover

Special Editor: Dan Rodríguez-García




In the latest volume of The ANNALS, leading social scientists examine racial intermarriage and its effects on social integration. The volume accounts for how intermarriage is defined and perceived in different settings and among countries in North America and Europe. The collected research identifies patterns and trends in social “mixedness,” explores the…

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